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How To Play Warfare Darts

How To Play Warfare Darts

If you’re new to the world of darts or tired of the usual games that require hitting specific targets, we have a refreshing alternative for youI called Warfare darts, a game that brings a unique twist to traditional darts. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to play warfare darts, its rules, strategies, and variations, ensuring you have a blast while honing your dart skills.

Understanding the Basics of Warfare Darts

 In Warfare darts, the dartboard is split into two halves, symbolizing opposing armies. Each player or team takes turns throwing darts at their opponent’s half, aiming to eliminate their soldiers represented by the numbers on the board. Hitting a number results in the loss of a soldier for the opposing team.

Getting Started with Warfare Darts

To set up the game, divide the dartboard into two halves: the top half, comprising numbers 11 to 13, and the bottom half, consisting of numbers 6 to 8. Players or teams alternate turns, throwing three darts each at the opponent’s half. The objective is to hit the numbers on the opponent’s side, progressively eliminating their soldiers.

Scoring and Tracking Progress

As the game unfolds, mark the hit numbers on the board to indicate defeated soldiers. By doing so, you can easily keep track of the progress and determine the remaining soldiers on each team. The team that successfully eliminates all the soldiers on their opponent’s side emerges victorious.

Strategies for Success in Warfare Darts

To maximize your chances of winning, employ these effective strategies. Start by aiming for the middle spots of your opponent’s army, gradually working your way outward. This approach reduces the risk of hitting your own numbers early on. When targeting the end soldiers, exercise caution and aim slightly closer to the wire between the desired number and the adjacent one to minimize mistakes.

Exciting Variations of Warfare Darts

For those seeking additional challenges, there are fascinating variations of Warfare darts. Consider playing with only doubles, where only double hits count, to refine your accuracy and precision. Alternatively, explore the extended play variation, which involves considering each number to have three soldiers (single, double, and triple). Close off a number on the board by hitting all three soldiers for that number, marking the type of hit (S, D, or T) to track progress.


Warfare darts offers a thrilling and unique gameplay experience, allowing dart enthusiasts to showcase their skills while enjoying friendly competition. By understanding the game’s basics, implementing effective strategies, and exploring variations, you can elevate your dart-playing experience to new heights. Gather your friends or teammates, set up the board, and prepare for an epic battle of Warfare darts. Let the darts fly and may victory be yours!


Q1: Can I play Warfare darts with more than two players?

A: Absolutely! Warfare darts can be played with any number of players. Simply divide the dartboard into multiple halves and have each player or team take turns throwing at their opponents’ halves.

Q2: What happens if I hit a number on my own side of the board?

A: Hitting a number on your own side of the board counts as a hit and should be marked as if your opponent hit it. Be careful not to unintentionally eliminate your own soldiers!

Q3: Can I customize the numbers and divisions for Warfare darts?

A: While the traditional setup for Warfare darts divides the board into two halves (top and bottom), you can certainly customize the numbers and divisions to suit your preferences. Just ensure that both sides have an equal number of soldiers.

Q4: Can I create my own variations of Warfare darts?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to get creative and introduce your own variations to make the game even more exciting. You can modify the rules, add additional soldiers to each number, or come up with unique scoring systems. Let your imagination run wild!


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