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How to play Sudden Death Dart

How to paly Sudden Death Darts

Sudden Death Darts: Learn How to play Sudden Death Dart like a pro with this step-by-step Guide!

The sudden death dart is a popular variation of darts and is as simple as you think and not much tricky as Mickey Mouse Darts. If you have a short time but do not want to throw your dart unconsciously so to play sudden-death darts may be for you. Sudden death continues until the last man got the victory. If you are a beginner and want to improve your skill in sudden-death darts this guide will teach you everything you want to learn.

Setup of Sudden Death Darts:

Sudden death darts can be played on a standard dart board within a group or number of players of your own choice. Both players can decide the order of play. The game starts in a series of rounds and each player has the opportunity to throw three darts. The player with the lowest number will be eliminated and the next round will start until all players take their turns, at the end of the game player with the maximum score will be a winner.

Rules of Sudden Death Darts:

The sudden death game has simple rules with the same points as in 501 darts. Double, single, and triple has the same values. The red inner ring has 50 points while the green inner ring has 25 points.

To determine the play order you can use any method. Each player has three darts to throw, the game begins and the player with the lowest score will be eliminated for the next round. The remaining players qualify for second rounds and the game continues, keep in mind that the numbers scored in the previous round have zero value only the score of the current round matters. The game is on fire until one player remains and he will be the winner.

Variation and modification can be added to make this game more interesting and entertaining. For example, instead of the tally lowest number, the player with the highest number can also be eliminated for the next round. Similarly, you can also install the number restrictions just for fun.

Sudden Death Darts Scoring:

Scoring in this game is simple as there is only one winner at the end. So to keep track of the winner simply tally the points of the player in front of their names. Similarly, you can track the lowest score at the end of the round and eliminate that player from the next round. If you want to make a series of this game you can simply mention the names of the players on the scoreboard along with the number of games they won.

Fouls and Penalties in Sudden Death Darts:

Penalties and fouls are the basic part of any game and these are essential to make sure that every player abides by the game rules. So sudden death darts also have some penalties for players who did not follow rules:

Crossing the line:

Standing behind the boundary line and hitting the target is important. This is to examine a foul if any of the players fail to follow. And the penalty for this commit is losing their turn.

Bouncing Off:

If the dart falls off the board and touches the floor and does not stick on the dartboard, it will also have considered foul.

Unsportsmanlike conduct:

If any of the players are supposed to behave aggressively or unethically, this will lead to losing their turn.

Sudden Death Dart Tips and strategies:

As far as tips are concerned try to focus on accuracy, practice on daily basis, and play in defense. Try to hit doubles and triples to score the highest number.

Stay calm during play game and play with a positive attitude.

Sudden death dart is an exciting and fun based game. It requires skill, strategy, and accuracy to win. So grab your darts, set your boards, and lets the game begins!


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