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How to play Scram Darts

How to Play Scram Darts

Darts is an enjoyable game and popular among groups of all ages. It has many variations and one exciting and challenging is scram darts. Are you curious to learn and master scram darts? Are you looking to learn the techniques to throw scram darts? This article will surely help you to understand the rules, strategies, and scoring system of scram darts. So without any delay let’s have a detailed preview and start your scram dart journey.

What is Scram Dart

Scram darts is a type of darts game that can be played between two players and between two teams. Scram darts come in the fun game category which can be played by both beginners and experienced. It follows the principles of cricket as in cricket one player try to score more number while the other tries to stop as soon as he can. So in scram dart, one player acts as the scorer while the other stopper.

Scram Darts Rules:

Rules to play scram darts are simple and interesting at the same time. As this game is between two players so one player acts as a scorer and the other will be a stopper and the game always starts with a stopper… NOW I AM AWARE OF THE QUESTION WHICH WAS RAISED IN YOUR MIND AND THAT IS WHO WILL SCORER AND WHO WILL BE THE STOPPER?

So to decide who will start as a stopper each player throws a dart toward the bullseye and the closest dart to the bullseye chooses whether they want to be a stopper or scorer.

Now in the first round stopper takes its turn and hit the dart. The number hit by the dart is closed or stopped. Each player has three turns. After three turns the number hit by the stopper is closed. Now scorer takes their turn and at this time scorer will only gain numbers that are not closed in other words you can say the number is not targeted by the stopper.

After that second rounds start and the scorer takes the position of the stopper and the game continues until all numbers are targeted.

If at the end of the game number of both players are same then both players can share the victory and the game is said to be a tie.

If any of the players misses the board or the dart falls off the board then no points will be added and players are not allowed to throw again.

Scoring System in Scram Darts:

To calculate scores the scoreboard is partitioned into two halves. One side is assigned as the stopper side and the other side as the scorer. The number is mentioned from 1-20 on the stopper’s side and the scorer’s side remains blank. The game continues until all numbers are closed by the stopper. In the end, the number of scorers and stopper are counted and the player with the highest number will be a winner.

Scram Darts Variation:

Each variation adds some uniqueness and thrill. So if someone is looking to make scram darts more challenging, then rules can be modified or altered accordingly.

  • For example, players are restricted to hitting only doubles or triples.
  • Numbers can be targeted in ascending or descending orders
  • If one player is more skilled as compared to the other, then the restriction of throwing one of two darts in each turn can be implemented.

Scram Darts Tips and Strategies:

Scram darts is a fun game that requires no high command skill. But when you compete then you should master your skill to win. So here are some tips that can be beneficial for both players.

  • The stopper should try to close all the highest numbers as soon as possible to compete with the scorer and to make it difficult for the scorer.
  • At the same time, the scorer should try to hit the highest number first.
  • Dart is a game of accuracy, focus on your aim, and playing with a positive attitude is key to success.
  • Scram darts can be a tense game but stay calm during your turn and play well.

I hope that this guide will help you to master this game. Read and follow rules and test yourself playing this game.


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