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How to Play Prisoner Darts

Prisoner Darts

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a tyro, this game will surely keep your blood pumping and provides you with an hour of entertainment. The basic concept to play a prisoner darts game is simple but exciting at the same time. I know you cannot wait to learn about it! So, I will not increase my curiosity further…

With minimal equipment required, prisoner dart is a game of skill and strategy. This game is popular with beginners as well as in groups of all sizes. Honestly speaking more friends, you bring along more fun you will gather. This is an intense game of thrill and strategy to play prisoner darts where victory hangs in the balance, one false move can change the scenario. So staying on your toes and aiming to win prisoner darts is a challenge where every player is at the mercy of their opponent. So let’s get started and learn How to play prisoner darts.

Rules of Prisoner Darts:

This is a game around the dartboard in which two or more players can play but this is great for a large number of groups. Make sure that each player must have their own set of darts. You can choose any method to decide who goes first.

  • Each player starts with number 1 and they will continue to hit their targets clockwise.
  • Only the double, triple and single segments between rings are in play, the inner ring or bullseye is called prison.
  • If the dart hit the inner ring that dart will become a prisoner
  • If the dart fails to hit the inner ring or bounce out the board then it will not have allowed to be used in the next turn.
  • Another player has the chance to capture the imprisoned dart by hitting the same number, which means there will be only one prison at a time.
  • Now the players who lose the chance of prisoner will continue the game with the remaining darts per turn.
  • There will be a chance of winning if you are good at targeting prisoners, it means you can easily end up playing 4,5,6, or even 7 darts per turn.

Variation in Prisoner Darts:

Do you have any idea what kind of variations we can add to gear up excitation and fun.?

The main purpose of variation is just to add fun and thrill and game so it can be an enjoyable activity within a large group. Let’s discuss some variations that can make the game more challenging.

Setup scoring system:

Different sections of the board are marked as the target to hit; this will also create an additional challenge. Similarly, bonus points can also be assigned after hitting the target.

Using a different type of darts:

For the sake of fun and challenge different types of darts can be used like homemade darts made from pencils.

Adding Barriers:

Hitting the dart from a specific distance along with barriers like a table, chair or any kind of hurdle can create difficulty for players, so overcoming this by hitting a target is more exciting.

Play with a team:

As I told you earlier playing in a large group is more fun instead of with two or three players. You can create a team and play.

Set time limits:

You can also set up time limits for each round or game to increase the pressure.

Scoring in Prisoner darts:

Scoring in prisoner darts is very simple as no quick math is required to score the game. The player starts hitting the target on the dartboard the one who scores the highest number will be the winner. The game continues until the number of rounds has been played.

Tips to make the game more effective:

Every game requires skill and strategy. So if you want to be a master of this game then consistent practice is key to success. The matter of concern is how accurately you throw your dart to hit the target and this will only be possible when you practice your aim on daily basis. A positive attitude is key to every success before playing have a deep breath and start your game with a positive attitude and have fun.

‘We’d love to hear from you to which extent this article helps you to understand the rules of this game. Comment with your suggestion. THANKS


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