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How To Play Mulligan Darts

How to Play Mulligan Darts

Learn How To Play Mulligan Darts in minutes. With this article guide, you’ll be able to improve your game in no time! And play Mulligan Darts like a pro!

Are you a fantastic darts player? Are you searching for a new darts game? Do you want to face a challenge? Great! Let’s discuss How To Play Mulligan Darts.

What is a Mulligan Dart And How To Play Mulligan Darts?

Mulligan darts is a simple but challenging game that can be enjoyed by anyone. Think of Mulligan versioned as an extreme version of the game of Cricket darts for dart athletes who want to play a challenging sport. This game is a good choice for players to practice hitting the perfect triples. Let’s start to learn  ” How To Play Mulligan Darts”.

  Mulligan darts is a game that you can play on your own or as part of a  competition with friends and siblings. The object of the Mulligan Darts gets, as close to the bullseye as possible.

How To Play Mulligan Darts

A favored board game is triple darts, focusing on making triples or multiples. There are seven targets in the game, including the bullseye. You must hit three triples to get inside the following number, then complete the round with three darts hitting the center bull.

Beginners could have a difficult time with this game and this is not a game for beginners. Catching triple many times will make it more difficult, and hitting a triple 3 times could make it discouraging and spoiling for everyone.

Mulligan Darts Rules

  • Before you begin a game of “Mulligan Darts” you first need to choose numbers for the score of the round in the play.
  • The object of this dart game is to close six randomly selected numbers and the bullseye before your opponent can reach it. The players prespecify these numbers and then write them horizontally on the board, one term per line. You will need to define a total of 6 numbers to use.
  • The central bullseye is the real target in the Mulligan darts game.
  • Once all the values for the number have been determined, each player will take a turn launching the three darts at the first number.
  • A player must reach the programmed number by hitting 3 triples on that selected number before they can advance to the next number. These triples do not need to be done in the same round.
  • As soon as a player closes out a quantity, they’re moved to the subsequent number on the list regardless of how different that number is from the current study quantity. In contrast to cricket, the closed number is still in play for other players.
  • Shut out the quantities of numbers you hit for a certain activity. If you hit a three high for a single quantity on the board, it does not count.
  • The first player to completely dissolve all the numbers 6 and the bull doubles is the winner.

Scoring Of Mulligan Darts

  • When the scoreboards are set up, the player’s (or teams)’ names initial will be written at the top, and the selected numbers in play are written vertically, along with the bull, which will be on the left side of the scoring boards.
  • When a player scores their first triple on the active number, you will record it with named features as a slash( / ) beside a certain number.
  • Whenever they record their second triple, they will receive one more ( / ) marked as (X).
  • Once their 3rd triple goal has been scored, you will circle X with a circle When they’ve completed the number, move on to the next.
  • Like this;-
  • This continues until it reaches the end of the board, or until one team or player has eradicated the target.
How to play Mulligan Darts

Variation Of Mulligan Darts

  • This variant is suited for players who already make proficient threes that consistently hit triple beds in each number. The randomness of this game makes it difficult for beginners to regularly strike the triple beds of each number.
  • You can play a single-player or multiplayer edition of Mulligan darts if you’ve got players of varying skills. If you’re playing solo, you can set up a team match against any amount of other players. The better player will support newer players while allowing them to play a stronger game and become acquainted with the rules (to facilitate improvement).
  • Mulligan becomes a somewhat more targeted gaming practice if you pick your numbers. You could focus on all the popular triples’ 16th,17th,18th,19th, and 20th numbers, or even you could try out doing them twice or even pick a triple you like.

Mulligan Darts Tips And Tricks

I find it hard to think of anything. Mulligan is a game of pure skill with a well-laid roadmap of exactly what to expect. The more you practice darts, the better you’ll be at “Mulligan Dart”.

If you are trying to become more proficient at scoring in all areas of the dartboard, this is really good for polishing your skills in hitting triples.


Learn how to play mulligan darts and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better player! Playing Mulligan Darts can be a lot of fun. With the right techniques, it’s easy to improve your game. So, feel free to try it! If you’re still having trouble, be sure to check out some of our helpful tips. Take care of yourself and keep the mood light. Don’t take the challenge too seriously.


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