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How to Play Mickey Mouse Darts

How to Play Mickey Mouse Darts

Learn How To Play Mickey Mouse Darts AND Command The Game!

Mickey Mouse darts are a version of the iconic game, cricket darts. A crowd-favorite is the sport of cricket darts because it offers a challenging yet easy game to learn and play, and players with dexterity and speed can enjoy its competitive aspect. The popularity of cricket darts dates back to the fact that they are easy to play and easy to learn, but they are a lot of fun to those who are more experienced players as well. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of how to play mickey mouse darts and disclose all its parameters, scoring, and tricks so that you Don’t get stuck playing cricket darts for eternity.

Mickey Mouse Darts will entertain two players and more then. It’s wonderful to play with friends or a loved one. Mickey Mouse Darts is suitable to play with either someone close or yourself.

Mickey Mouse Darts Rules

  • The goal of Mickey Mouse Darts (Cricket Dart Variation) is to close down the figures from 20 to 15 and the bull’s eye. There are several different variations of Mickey Mouse Darts, and sometimes players are going to close the figures from 20 to 12 while using doubles and triples.
  • In these rules, you’ll see how you can play only the numbers 20 to 15, the bull, or the more sophisticated version that also incorporates doubles and triples.  
  • The player who hits closest to the center of the bull statue gets the advantage in the following game.
  • The player who throws closest to the bull is presented with a throw-off, and the other player until the player has a clear winner. The player is thrown each turn, and they will throw 3 darts to try to close numbers.

The game ends when all the numbers and the bull’s eye opened and closed. The winner is the recipient with the greatest point total at the end.

Double/Triple Variation

If a dart lands in a double or triple, players may then utilize the open space to close out the number or to close one of their doubles or triples.

If a double is used to shut a number, the player scores 2 points. And if it s a triple, they score 3 points.

It’s entirely up to each player which version of the game they select to play. However, it adds an extra component for those looking to use it differently!

Mickey Mouse Darts Scoring

The numbers 20 through 12 are drawn in descending order down the center line of the scoreboard, doubles are to the right, triples to the left, and bulls in the outer ring count as two of that number or under one for doubles.

The bulls in the inner ring count as three of that number or under double for triples. Enough is indicated by placing an ( / ) next to the number scored. Putting an (X) next to the score indicates a score of two. While a numerical value shows that a score of three is closed. When a row of three numbers is scored in any combination, it is closed.

Mickey Mouse Darts Goal

The goal of Mickey Mouse Darts is to collect numbers and score on them ahead of your competitor. Then win your opponent’s numbers in the game. The winning player is the one with the most points after all numbers have been accumulated and closed.

Tips & Tricks For Play Mickey Mouse Darts

Here are some strategies for improving your performance when playing Mickey Mouse Darts.

Try to aim for the bullseye at the beginning, as this will enormously enhance your chances of success.

 Being the first player in the game gives you a substantial advantage over your opponent.

When you’re playing, First, you can try shutting down the bull. In the event of a failure to do so, If you miss your chance to score almost 50-50, you will land in one of your target segments. If you close the bull, new players may aim for the crossbar in the beginning rounds. As a result of a lower probability of hitting on another permissible value.


A significant number of 5-6 darts games are the most popular games for players of all ages. With each game, you will also find numerous alterations staying true to the original concept, like in cricket darts. If you love mickey mouse darts, you’ll want to look at these darts games as well. Because of its name, this is one great darts game for kids regardless of their age group.


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