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How To Play Loopy/ Looper / Loops Darts

Loopy/ Looper / Loops Darts

To Learn How To Play Loopy/ Looper / Loops Darts, AND Grasp The Game!

Discover the fun and challenging excitement of Loopy/ Looper/ Loops Darts! Be in control with the knowledge of how to play, and show off your skill by mastering this game!

Darts is a game that has been played for many years, with numerous variations and gameplay styles. One of the most well-known varieties of darts. A game called Looper, Loops, Loopy, or whatever you might call it in your area is designed primarily to provide enjoyment. This game is not particularly easy to learn, even for seasoned dart players. In this article, you learn, “How To Play Loopy/ Looper/ Loops Darts”. If you’re new to Looper Darts and looking for information about how to improve your expertise, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of Looper Darts, from the fundamental rules to more advanced strategies for improving your game.

Looper darts is a variation of the popular game of following the leader. The Loops are the closed areas displayed throughout the game and are meant to be pushed into.

The target of the gaming session will be decided on, and the other team will begin hitting it. Once they hit the target, players establish the next target. Let’s take a trip to the rules and gameplay of Looper to familiarize ourselves.

Rules Of Loopy/ Looper Darts

Each player’s first and last name will be kept in a list along the far left, so they will remain aware of drug dealers’ point standings. They would remove from the game when they lose their life. The game continues until there is only one player alive.

  • Each player starts with three, or five lives. In the first throw, they only gain because whoever throws first would not lose a life.
  • The first player will throw a dart using his outside hand to hone in on a particular segment to play. The inner and outer singles required similar results.
  • The other gamers must try to hit that segment. The player who can’t hit it first will lose a life.
  • If all players fail to reach their goals, then the turn is returned to the target setter and everyone without a goal can’t play until they reach the target. If they decide to play, they must first hit the target, like the rest of the players, before they can set a new one.
  • If a player hits the target, they use their remaining dart darts to set a new target. If they hit their third dart, they get to draw their darts again and take another shot to set a new goal.
  • If, while they are attempting to figure out the projected target with their throw, the player decides to stop, the target can be changed. The last throw will decide the current number of lives and the current target. Mean the target of their final throw will determine the new target. If their last throw misses a target, they will lose a life.
  • Unlike a special kind of dart game, you will not keep track of the score in singles, doubles, and triple darts. Instead, you’ll concentrate your efforts on not losing your remaining lives.

Scoring Method Of Looper/ Loops/ Loopy Darts

To keep track of the score in looper, you write the players’ names on the left side of the board in chronological (playing) order. Next to the player’s name, you number 3 to 5. like this” I I I” “I I I I I” to indicate their lives.

 If you do not hit the required segment or do not set a completion goal, you will get rid of(lose), one of your lives.

Tips And Strategies To Play Loopy/ Looper/ Loops Darts

  • When you want to make a target, you want to make it as difficult as possible for yourself. If you have three darts to accomplish this, employ your first two darts to take a shot at the large circle of the 6, then use the 3rd to anchor yourself if essential.
  • If you fail both throws, you can decide on the triple or bullseye as a second target to reattempt. That way you will be able to meet a challenging challenge while lessening your risk of losing.
  • If you miss the final throw, you’ve lost a life. Must make it all back up again from the beginning.
  • Work with your opponents’ weaknesses. If they are unable to throw briskly on the left side, continue trying to achieve high triples on that side. Try to make it as difficult for them as possible.

Loopy Dart Variations

Something called playing splits also caught up with some people. So space in between any two-digit number is also in play. Since open space is the opposite of a loop.


Learning How To Play Looper Dart is a great way to have fun, and build camaraderie with friends. The key to mastering the game is practice and dedication. As you play each round, remember that patience and strategy are essential for success. With time and effort, you can become an expert at the game! So grab your friends, a few darts, and paper rings, and get ready for an exciting game of Loopy/ Looper Dart. Let the games begin!

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