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How To Play Killer Darts

Killer Darts

Have you ever played Killer Darts? It is an entertaining game that requires skill and strategy and is great for all ages. Killer Darts is a fun, fast-paced game perfect for having fun with friends and family. It can be played with five or six people, and it’s easy to learn—but it’s challenging enough to keep you coming back for more!

This guide will show you “how to play killer darts,” so grab your darts and let’s get started!

Killer Darts Rules:

1. Players take turns throwing three darts at the board to try and hit their exact target number before any other player does; should a dart be thrown outside the target range, the turn is forfeited.

2. Being ‘Killer’ grants one the ability to eliminate an opponent from the game upon successfully hitting their designated target number with all three darts.

3. The key strategy in Killer Darts lies in the mastery of accuracy, anticipating opponents’ moves, and blocking them before they become ‘Killer.’

4. Players must carefully choose which numbers to aim for to maximize scoring potential while considering their opponents’ targets.

5. After every round, the starting player rotates clockwise, allowing each individual to practice different strategies while becoming increasingly adept at outsmarting their opponents.

How to score killer darts?

If you’re looking for a way to score killer darts, there are a few simple steps:

  • First, be sure you have a good grip on the dart. You want it to be comfortable and secure in your hand so you don’t accidentally miss your target and shoot yourself in the foot (or worse)
  • Second, make sure that your target is visible to you—don’t try to throw at anything that’s all blurry and hard to see. You want your target to be as clear as possible so you can aim with precision, not guesswork!
  • Third and finally: don’t forget about gravity! If your shot isn’t going straight up or down, then you’re probably shooting too high or low for where the dart needs to go—try adjusting by tilting slightly one way or another until your dart hits the bullseye exactly where it’s supposed to land.

Killer Dart Variations:

This game is flexible and can be changed to fit the skill level of each player. You can try something different to make the game more fun and exciting.


In this game, everyone starts as a Killer.


The game is played the same way as regular Killer, but the triple ring is used instead of the double ring.


In this version, Killers lose their status as Killers if they hit their double. To get back to being a Killer, a player must hit their double again.


In this version of Killer, you have to hit the numbers in the holes.


In this version, you don’t know which number belongs to which person.


1. First, ensure a steady grip when throwing the dart. This can be achieved by firmly gripping your thumb and forefinger around the barrel of the dart while balancing it with your other three fingers.

2. Practice good form; stand upright, keep your arm parallel to the floor and throw the dart straight forward with minimal movement.

3. Always aim for the center target board, where you will score the highest points. Focus on accuracy rather than speed to increase the probability of success.

4. Utilise mental visualization techniques before throwing; imagine yourself hitting the center target board each time you make a shot.

5. Relax your body, focus on breathing steadily and slowly release the dart when ready.

6. Take regular breaks between throws and never overwork yourself, as this will cause fatigue and affect your performance.


In conclusion, to become an expert killer darts player, it is important to take time and practice regularly. Visualization techniques can help you imagine hitting the center target board before each throw. It is also important to relax and focus on breathing steadily, then release the dart when ready. Additionally, regular breaks should be taken to avoid fatigue and maintain optimal performance. By using these methods and taking the time to perfect them, you will soon find yourself becoming a master of the game!


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