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How To Play High / Low Darts

High / Low Darts

“Master the Art of High-Low Darts: A Step-by-Step Guide”

Good day, dear friends! Are you looking for an exciting new challenge to test your dart-throwing skill? Are you ready to elevate your dart game by practicing High-Low darts? So, Let’s get started…

High-Low is a game played with a standard dart board and two darts. The main purpose of the game is to score the highest and lowest scores as many times as possible by each player. Each successful hit gives points and with quite a better strategy you could be the master of the night. But keep in mind this game is not for the faint of hearts, as one false move means the difference between triumph and defeat. Are you ready to take on the challenge? let’s start and may fortune favor the bold. BUT

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High Darts:

Once the playing order is established. The first player will hit two of their darts at the same time on the dart board and the sum of the darts will be the starting number and should be mentioned on the board. If the player failed to hit the dart, then the board is marked with zero.

Now the next player will try all their darts in a single shot to get the high score, BUT this should be kept in mind that “Equal score will not be counted”.

If they fail to score a higher number, they will lose the game. This is not a matter of concern that whatever score is achieved by the player at this time, will be the target for the next round. If the player failed to hit the target in all three turns, then they will lose the game.

Low Darts:

The low dart is same as the high dart but the turning point in this is the first player will set the target score and the second player must hit the score below to target. In this game the inner ring is worth –50 points and the outer ring is worth –25 points but if the player failed to hit this then +25 will be added as a penalty which results in losing a game.

The rest will be the same as of high darts the sum of all turns will be the target score and the game will continue until the last player remains.


“Hold your Horses, the excitement is just getting started!”

How Scoring in High/Low Darts Works?

  • Each player takes turns throwing two darts, the first dart must hit the number between 1 and 20 and the second dart must hit the numbers 21 and 40.
  • If the player hits the correct number range, they will earn two bonus points.
  • If the player hit the same number range, they will get three bonus points.

The game will end when all players hit their respective number of turns. Now the team that gets the higher score will be the winner.

Variation in High/Low Darts:

Variations can be added to the game just to make it interesting and challenging. Instead, there is no hard and fast rule for adding variations. For example, a game can be more fascinating after adding high-low and mid-intervals in it.

Tips and Strategies:

  • Try to focus on accuracy instead of just throwing darts.
  • Aim for the specific inner and outer ring and try to target a specific number.
  • Use different techniques to make a better hit in bullseyes.
  • Beware of scoring so you can achieve your target in a better way.
  • Stay calm and steady and focus on your game.
  • Proper distance from the dartboard should be kept playing safe and secure.
  • Use your dart wisely as strategic play will help you to win the game.

Remember to play safely, have fun and keep practicing to improve your skills. So, gather your friends, grab your darts and let the game begins!

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