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How To Play Golf Darts On A Standard Dartboard-A Complete Guide

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Golf Darts is an exciting, stimulating variation of a classic game! Using a standard dartboard and some ingenuity, you can quickly turn your regular pub game into an entertaining competition. Golf Darts offers the perfect opportunity to hone your aim and test your skill, whether playing in groups or with just one other person. With its deceptively simple rules and diverse play styles, this twist on darts can provide hours of entertainment – so grab your darts and prepare for a rousing round of Golf Darts!

This article will explain “how to play golf darts on a standard dartboard.”

Golf Darts Rules:

1. Golf Darts is an action-packed variation of traditional darts, requiring players to throw three darts at a standard dartboard to score points.

2. Every game consists of nine turns for each player, and the goal is to reach a combined total of 18 before your opponent does.

3. To begin the game, both players should stand the same distance from the board and take turns throwing their darts.

4. A turn ends when all three darts have been thrown, at which point the scores are tallied and added to each player’s cumulative total.

5. Scoring follows traditional rules, with the bullseye counting as 2 points, the inner ring worth 3 issues and the outer rings scoring 1 point each.

6. After nine rounds, the player reaches 18 points first win. If no one has reached this total by then, the player with the higher score will be declared the victor.

7. The game can also be made more difficult by introducing special rules, such as requiring a triple on any number or aiming at specific board sections.

Scoring Golf Darts:

Getting points in golf darts is as easy as it seems. First, write the players’ names along the top of the board. Then put the numbers 1 through 9 or 1 through 18 in a column on the left. Once the game has begun, write the player’s score next to their name on the round card. After all the rounds, each player’s total score is added up, and the winner is the person with the lowest score.

You can add two columns under each player’s name if you want. In the first column, you can write their score for that round. You can track how many rounds they have won in the second column. This enables you to determine who is winning at any given time.

Golf Dart Tips & Strategies:


1. For the best chance of winning, practice your accuracy and aim with precision.

2. To avoid costly mistakes on the board, set a target area where you would like to land each dart before throwing it.

3. Use different strategies based on your current score: play conservatively when in the lead or take risks when behind.

4. Consider any existing scores or handicaps that could affect your playing strategy.

5. Rotate among players frequently so everyone can make their mark on the game.

6. Mix up your throws—sometimes go for single numbers, and other times, try to clear entire sections of the board at once.

7. Be mindful of the physics involved; remember, your darts’ trajectory may be affected by windy conditions or changes in elevation.


Success at Golf Dart on a standard dartboard requires careful planning, strategic execution, and an understanding of the physics behind each throw. As experienced players know, it’s essential to rotate among players frequently so everyone can make their mark on the game. Moreover, mixing up your throws by targeting single numbers and whole sections of the board is essential for gaining points. Additionally, be mindful that windy conditions or elevation changes may affect the trajectory of your darts, thus making it critical to adjust your technique accordingly. Finally, don’t forget to have fun – this game isn’t just about winning; it’s also about enjoying yourself while honing your accuracy and finesse with every turn!

Golf Darts Variations:

Golf Darts is an exciting and rewarding game, but if you’re looking to spice the things up and take your experience to the next level, why not try one of its various variations?

Those seeking more variety in the Golf Dart game may consider exploring some of the multiple variations available. These include playing with two sets of darts (doubles), increasing the number of rounds (lengthening the game), or expanding the target area on the dartboard. So, try one of these Golf Darts variations if you want to level up your game and make it even more challenging.


In conclusion, Golf Darts is an exciting and challenging game that players of all levels can enjoy. With so many variations available, there is something for everyone; from adding more rounds to playing with two sets of darts, you can customize the game to your tastes. So why not grab a bunch of darts and give it a try today? It’s sure to provide hours of fun!


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