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How to play darts 301

darts 301

The most popular game in the world of darts is 01. There are a lot of variations in 01 but 301 is the most common in all of these and it is the best one for beginners. In this article, we will learn how to play darts 301

As the game name described that it starts from the base point of 301. This darts game is for two players and each player has to lower his/her score from 301 to 0. Each player through three darts per turn and subtract the total points thrown from 301.

Target of Darts 301

The target of darts 301 is to lower your score to Exactly 0 before your competitor.

For Example: If you score a single 6, a single 10, and a double 9. during your first turn. You would be able to subtract the cumulative score from the starting base of 301. After subtracting these points, your next turn will start from a base score of 267. 

Green bull is worth 25 points and the center Bullseye is worth 50 points.

Now you have the basics of the 301 darts game. Let’s have a further dig into this interesting game.

Darts 301 Rules

 1st of all decide which player will start the game. Toss the coin to decide the Turn.

Both players will through darts on his/her turn. Try to score high points as much as you can in your turn.

At the end of the game, your score should be exactly zero. If your score goes below zero then it will be a Bust.

After reading the word “bust”, a question will raise in your mind What does it mean to bust in darts?

When a player throws a dart with a score higher than their remaining point value, it is known as a bust. A successful throw must score precisely down to zero. A bust results in no score being recorded and the player’s turn is over.

Scoring in 301 Darts

The scoring system for 301 Darts is quite straightforward. Starting at the top of the scoreboard, you should write the names of the players and the number 301 beneath them.

When a player throws his or her three darts, you can add up the points earned and record the total under the number 301 and slightly to the left of it. The calculated total will then be entered under the number 301 after being subtracted from that number.

This continues down the board until one of the players hits zero and wins.

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