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From Novice To Expert – How To Play Count-Up Darts!

Do you love a good game of darts? If yes, we have the perfect game for you: Count Up Darts! This thrilling darting experience combines strategy and skill with a bit of luck sprinkled in – what more could any dart enthusiast ask for?! Join us as we dive into this classic bar game favorite that all ages can enjoy.

This is false, as you can play many games with just a dartboard and a few darts. In honor of easy and fun, I’ll show you “how to play Count Up Darts,” one of the most accessible and fun dart games.

Count Up Darts

“Count Up Darts” is one of the easiest dart games to play with friends. Beginners and those looking to unwind will enjoy this darts game.

Because it improves accuracy and precision, playing Count Up Darts can be incorporated into a practice routine as a warmup or as a standalone activity.

I can get into a meditative state that allows me to unwind and relax when I play Count Up Darts.

You will want to familiarize yourself with the rules of this game regardless of the number of other players in your game.

Count Up Darts Rules

As stated previously, Count Up Darts has one of the most specific rules in the darts world.

It is a race to a predetermined score or the highest score after a predetermined number of darts.

There are a few regulations that must be followed.

When playing Count Up Darts, the goal is to rack up as many points as possible within the allotted number of rounds or points, regardless of whether you are playing by yourself or with others.

Three throws are given to each player at the end of each round.

After each round, the score is tallied and added to the total score for the game’s duration.

The game concludes after the predetermined number of rounds (typically eight rounds or twenty-four throws) or when one player reaches the predetermined point threshold (typically 300).

Scoring Count-Up Darts

In this game, scoring is also extremely straightforward. After each round, the player’s total score is added up.

The value of doubles and triples is their average value.

For instance, if a player rolls a 13, a double 4, and a triple 6, their total score for the frame is 39.

As usual, bullseye hits are worth 50 points.

Tips For Winning Count-Up Darts

Count Up darts can be played alone or with friends. The game’s mastery depends on your skill.

Play to your darts strengths to win Count Up. Thus, aim for dartboard locations that will give you the highest score in the shortest time.

Count Up has no cash registers. Reach high numbers. Thus, beginners with little control should focus on hitting the board.

Randomly throwing a dart at the dartboard will net you approximately 12 points on average. Don’t worry if you can’t consistently hit triple 20s if you lack the skills to do so.

If you are confident in your control but unsure of your ability to hit the triple 20 consistently, your best chance for a high score is to aim to the left of the bullseye, where the numbers 14, 11, 8, 16, and 7 are located. This will result in consistently high grades.

Count Up Variations

The highest scorer after all rounds wins.

You can choose to finish on a target score. The player loses all darts if they miss the target. If the high player misses multiple times, this gives the down player a second chance.

Count Up is excellent for practicing 180s or teaching new players. Though simple, it can become highly competitive.


If you are looking for a fun game to play with friends or family, look no further than counting up darts. This game is easy to learn and can be played by people of all ages. The game’s object is simple – to be the first person to reach 20 points. Count-up darts are a great way to spend an evening with loved ones, and you may even win a few rounds!

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