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How To Play Castle Darts

How To Play Castle Darts

Step Into A Medieval World: Learn How To Play

Castle Darts!

Are you ready to step up your game night? Castle Darts can make it happen! This exciting group game combines the thrill of throwing darts with an added challenge that keeps everyone on their toes. From forming teams, setting up the board, and keeping score — this post will help you master all the basics for playing castle darts like a pro in no time. So grab some friends, gather around a dartboard and get ready to have a blast — this is one activity you won’t miss out on!

Castle darts is a simple game of elimination that is more fun with more people. The scoring does take some work to set up, but I promise it will be worth it. Let’s figure out how to play castle darts!

Castle Darts Rules

Castle darts players get numbers on the board. Player numbers must be unique. Throwing a dart with their off-hand will reveal each player’s number. It’s their number.

Play begins when all players have numbers.

Players get three darts per round to hit their number and “build” their Castle. The marker checks a castle brick if they hit their number. Triples are three bricks, and doubles are two. One round can yield nine bricks (three triples)

A player may destroy an opponent’s Castle at any time by landing their dart on the opponent’s number. A castle check is removed if a dart lands on an opponent’s number. The same rules apply to both doubles and triples.

The winner is the first player to construct all 15 blocks of their castles. If there are many participants, you can continue to determine the second and third place if you choose.

Scoring Castle Darts

The most challenging aspect of castle darts is assembling the scoreboard. Each player will need to draw a 15-square pyramid. This will serve as the “castle” of the player. The “castle” will have a five-square base and a square apex. It should appear as shown.

After drawing each player’s Castle, write their name above it after the first number assignment. Add their number to their name.

Please wait until the player throws all three darts before tallying their score. Starting in the lower left corner of their Castle, mark one box for each point they scored. (I use a dash instead of a check mark if the box is clearly labeled)

If a dart lands on a number belonging to another player, you must sum that number separately and remove any checks from the corresponding Castle.

The game is over, and the winner is the player who first fills all 15 boxes of their Castle.

If you do not mind slightly altering the rules, you can draw the pyramid below as a castle. It adds one brick but is much faster and simpler to draw.

Castle Tips & Strategies

The key to longer, more balanced games is forming alliances with talented opponents. This is Castle’s appeal.

The score of a player cannot fall below zero. Don’t waste darts attempting to eliminate opponents without bricks.

If you intend to destroy a more robust player’s Castle, you should immediately go. Remember that you can earn up to nine points per round. If they are skilled at triples, try to keep their score below six or attack them as a group to knock them back to zero.

If you can aim well with your non-dominant hand, you should attempt to get a starting number farther away from your opponents. This will guarantee that no stray darts destroy your bricks.

Castle Darts Variations

I am unaware of Castle variants, but I would love to hear your suggestions.


Castle Darts is a game that anyone can play. It is simple and easy to understand but can be pretty addictive. The game’s object is to destroy as many enemy castles as possible by hitting them with your darts. There are several different ways to play castle darts, so find the one that works best for you and your friends. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to take down even the most heavily fortified castles in no time!


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