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How To Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

How To Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

Level Up Your Skills – How To Play Bermuda

Triangle Darts?

Take on a New Challenge: Do you like to be tested? The best game for you is Bermuda Triangle Darts. In the Bermuda Triangle, a surprise challenge will test your ability to keep your cool when things are getting tough. This means that if you play Bermuda Triangle enough, you will get better at darts in general if you play it enough.

Fundamentally, Bermuda Triangle darts are about never missing and continuously hitting targets. Find the suitable game for your event by reading “how to play Bermuda triangle Darts.

Rules of Bermuda Triangle Darts:

The most important rule is that only a small number of the dartboard’s marked spots are in play during each round. For example, on a player’s first turn, the only valid target is the number 12 (including the double and treble segments). If a dart lands on a number other than 12 or goes off the board, it is considered a miss and doesn’t count.

The following are valid goals:

4Any Double of Your Choice
8Any triple of your choice
12Inner and Outer Bull (both are worth 25 points for this round)
13Inner Bullseye (worth the regular 50 points)

It is important to note that doubles and trebles are counted usually during a game of Bermuda Triangle Darts. A triple 20 is worth 60 points, while a double 20 is worth 40.

In each round, each player will have three darts to hit the active target. The score they threw will be added to their overall total. Players are penalized if they do not hit their target after three throws.

If they fail to hit the active target, their score is reduced by half.

How To Score A Game Of Bermuda Triangle?

It’s simple to win games of the Bermuda Triangle. Begin by writing the players’ names across the top of the board. When a player scores, it is recorded on the board and added to their current total. It’s similar to tracking points in 501, except you’re counting up instead of down.

The second scoring rule to remember is to always half a player’s score after three throws per round if they fail to hit the active target.

Rep for each round until the game is finished.

Tips & Strategies:

If your aim could be better, throw for a single large segment to increase your scoring chances. After landing at least one dart, you can take a riskier shot without fear of being penalized.

You should start with the triples if you’re halfway decent. It is unlikely that you will land three darts into a different number.

Variations to Bermuda Triangle::

I am not aware of any variations, but it is worth noting that many people I see on the internet refer to the game as “Halve-It (Half-it)”. I’m familiar with halve-it as a different but similar game. If you’re interested, you can learn about halve-it darts here.

Bermuda Triangle Darts is an excellent game variant that is both challenging and rewarding. The best moment in a game of Bermuda Triangle Darts is when someone gets close to the end with a significant lead, only to lose many points in one fell swoop.


So, what are you holding out for? Try Bermuda Triangle Darts today! This game will keep you entertained, whether you’re an experienced darts player looking for a new challenge or a fun way to pass the time. Bermuda Triangle Darts, with its unique board and simple rules, is the perfect game to bring friends and family together. So grab your darts and start making memories. Follow along as we go over the rules and regulations of this exciting game in detail.


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