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How To Play Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts

From the pitcher’s mound to the home plate, step up and challenge your friends to a game of Baseball Darts! It’s a fun twist on classic darts that will get everyone riled up. Baseball Darts, a popular pastime among our friends across the pond, are comparable to Cricket Darts. It is a game that is best played in a group, it may also be played alone. However, unlike the more traditional darts game, there is no math required. So it’s a great way to improve your darts skills while having a lot of fun.

With just a few simple rules, you’ll be launching those darts like an all-star player in no time. Read on to discover “how to play baseball darts,” perfect for any occasion!

Rules For How to Play Baseball Darts:

1. Get ready to hit a home run! Gather your supplies, including a dartboard and some darts. Each player will need their own set of 3. darts to compete. Draw a triangle on the board with three different colors (e.g. red for 1st base, blue for 2nd base, and yellow for 3rd base).

2. Pick a pitcher and batter. The pitcher will stand behind the dartboard and throw the darts while the batter stands at home plate, about 10. feet away from the dartboard. The first player to go is determined by paper-scissors-rock.

3. It’s time to bat! On each turn, the batter calls out a number between 1. and 20. before pitching begins. Depending on the color in which they land, the points are distributed as follows: Red = 1. point, Blue = 2. points, and Yellow = 3. points. If a dart lands outside the colored triangles, no points are scored, and it doesn’t count toward the total score.

4. Strikeouts occur when all three darts are thrown and none hit inside any colored triangles. When this happens, the current batter’s turn ends, and they receive zero points.

5. After everyone has taken turns, add up the totals and see who comes out on top! The player with the highest score wins – if there is a tie, whoever was declared the winner in rock-paper-scissors shall prevail!

6. Keep playing until someone reaches 21 or more points. The person is crowned the ultimate Baseball Darts champion!

Extra Innings:

Suppose no one has achieved 21. points, you can always extend the game with Extra Innings! If a player has a higher score than their opponents but is not quite 21, they may opt to play an extra round to increase their total. With this option, players can put their skills and strategy to the test as they attempt to outwit and outscore each other for ultimate victory!

Scoring For How To Play Baseball Darts?

Scoring in Baseball Darts is simple – each dart earns a player one point, with the bullseye netting two points. As the players progress around the board, they will accumulate points until someone reaches 21. or more points and claim victory! That’s all there is to it; all left to do now is play, strategize, and ensure bragging rights are earned.

Baseball Dart Rule Variations:

Scoring in Baseball Darts is usually simple – each dart earns one point, with the bullseye netting two. But we don’t think it has to stop there! Plenty of creative variations can bring a unique twist to your game. For instance, you can assign more points for specific numbers, like doubling up 3s and 4s or tripling up 5s. You could also create bonus points by introducing new targets on the board, such as “home runs” or “grand slams”. If you’re feeling extra daring, you could also adjust the total number of points needed to win – make it higher, so you have time to practice those trick shots! No matter what rule variations you decide, get ready to have fun with your friends and battle for bragging rights!

Tips For Playing Baseball Darts:

1. Establish a target point system, with the bullseye being two points and other numbers earning one or more points as desired.

2. Create bonus targets on the board to increase complexity and challenge, such as “home runs” or “grand slams”.

3. Increase the total number of points needed to win if you’re looking for an extra challenging game.

4. Get creative by assigning multiple points to specific numbers, like doubling up 3s and 4s or tripling up 5s.

5. Have fun and battle for bragging rights!


Playing baseball darts is a great way to have fun and challenge your friends! By creating bonus targets on the board, increasing the points needed to win, and assigning multiple points to specific numbers, you can increase complexity and add an extra challenge. Remember to get creative and come up with unique ideas while playing – it’s sure to make the game even more enjoyable! So grab some friends and enjoy a competitive round of baseball darts!


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