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How To Play 51 By 5’s Darts

51 By 5's Darts

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Learn How To Play 51 By 5’s Darts

Are you sick of playing Cricket, 301s, or 501s the same way every time? Even the most thrilling games eventually become dull due to time. In some circles, there is a complex and challenging darts rule variation known as 51 by 5’s or All Fives. Playing the game in such a way that your final score for each round is divisible by 5 is the game’s object.

 In no time, you’ll be throwing darts like a pro by following a few straightforward rules. Discover “how to play 51 By 5’s Darts” in the following paragraphs!

51 By 5’s Darts Rules

Any number of players can participate in 51 by 5s. In my experience, the game becomes more enjoyable as the number of players increases. After establishing player order, each player will take turns throwing three darts per round to generate a score.

If any of the three darts misses or bounces off the board, the player receives no points for the round. Players must add the sum of their three dart scores when throwing their darts. The tricky part is that the sum of a player’s three darts MUST BE DIVISIBLE BY 5 to COUNT.

If a player’s total is NOT DIVISIBLE BY 5, he gets a zero for their turn. Players take turns until one accumulates 51 points and is declared the winner. To win, you must score exactly 51 points.

Scoring 51 By 5’s

If the participants understand basic arithmetic, most of the scoring can be done on the fly, allowing the scoreboard to remain simple. Make a grid with each player’s name on it. I put all the words in a column to the left of the scoreboard and left a space on the right for each round’s score. When a player hits all three darts, quickly add up the score, divide it by five, and write the score next to the player’s name.

51 By 5’s Tips & Strategy

51 by 5’s can be intimidating for some people, especially if they need to get used to thinking quickly and doing some arithmetic on the fly. Skilled players should use their accuracy to their advantage and aim for doubles and triples to manipulate their scores quickly. You can score 36 points in one go if you hit a triple 20 with all of your darts.

Less experienced players should shoot for the 10, 15, 5, and 20. These easily divisible by 5 numbers are paired up on the dartboard, increasing the chances of a valid score by enlarging the target area. However, it is critical to remember that the total of all three darts must be divisible by 5. So, if you get a 12, a 7, and a 6, and none of your scores is divisible by 5, your total is a 25, which can be divided by 5.

So, if you miss a throw and get a number you don’t want, all is not lost. Perform quick mental algebra to determine what you need to hit to receive a valid score.

51 By 5’s Variations

More skilled players may want to set up a rule that says missed scores are bad. So, a player loses 1 or 2 points if a dart doesn’t hit the board or if the total is not divisible by 5.

If you often play All 5’s and want to try something different, you can always try All 6’s or All 4’s. This will let you switch your attention to other numbers on the board so that everyone gets the same amount of practice.


Now that you know how to play 51 by 5’s darts; so, why not invite some friends over and get out the darts? This fun, competitive game is a great way to spend an evening and challenge yourself. You might even be the next darting champion. So don’t wait; get your dart board out of the closet, and start playing immediately!


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