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How to Clean Dartboard

How to Clean dartboard

                        How to Clean Dartboard: The Ultimate Guide

Taking care of your equipment whether you are working or playing is important. If your gadgets are in good condition, they help to increase your efficiency ten times. The same goes with the dartboard game, as far as cost matters dartboards do not need much investment but if anyone wants to keep a dartboard safe and long-lasting life then regular cleaning of the dartboard is important. In this article, we will provide a detailed preview of the dartboard cleaning procedure. Yet, we must have a plan in place before we begin.

Why dartboard cleaning is important:

The dart game is a very popular game among people of all age groups. Regular play may damage the different parts of the dartboard. Also, over time dirt and debris amass in the dartboard’s rings and numerals, which makes aiming for a high score more difficult. So regular cleaning of the dartboard is important.

This is a brief overview, now I will guide you step-by-step about the cleaning procedure of different types of dartboards as they are made of different types of materials so the cleaning process may also vary so let’s get started.

How to Clean Electronic Dartboards:

Cleaning electronic dartboards are simple and easy. Plastic makes up electronic dartboards, thus cleaning them only takes a few seconds. You can simply use wipes to remove dirt from it. Avoid the use of water as this dartboard is made up of electronic wires so water can damage the wires which affect the functionality of the dartboard. If you want deep cleaning you can use a vacuum or cotton swab to remove extra dirt.

Cleaning of Bristle Board: The most commonly used Dartboard:

Dartboards with bristles are the most popular. The cleaning procedure is much crucial most people think that soaking in water can clean it this is the worst method to clean the dartboard because water ruins the numbers and rings of the dartboard. So I will guide you in the step-by-step cleaning procedure of the dartboard.

1. Removal of the outer ring:

First of all, you have to remove the outer ring as this is the outer part of the board and it holds much dirt as compared to the inner parts. This is the part that carries numbers and an inner ring at their position. Use any kind of brush to remove dirt from the outer ring.

2. Wipe out with a dry cloth:

Now simply take a dry cloth and clean the whole board. There is no need for liquid at this stage of cleaning.

3. Vacuum cleaning:

It is possible to clean the numerals and inner ring with this step, which is necessary for thorough cleaning.

4. Wipe the board with a soft cloth:

After using a soft and moist cloth to remove the stain of dirt. Make sure that your cloth should not extra wet it should be mild and soft which can wipe out dirt completely.

5. Wipe out again with a dry cloth:

To eliminate any water or moisture that may have lingered on the dartboard’s surface after cleaning, use a dry towel once more.

How to Clean Wooden Dartboard:

The cleaning process of wooden dartboards is different. If you are not using it frequently and want to use it once at a time, then simply soak the dartboard in water to avoid cracking and then hang it then use the soft bristle brush to clean it and then simply hang it for drying out.

Precautions must be taken:

  • Avoid the use of water while cleaning dartboards as water can damage the material from which dartboards are made up of.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight 
  • Use special cleaning wipes for your dart game gadgets, you can buy them from any online marketplace like Amazon, or Walmart.

How often dartboards should be cleaned:

Cleaning your dartboard is important to maintain its quality. So try to clean your dartboard once a week for its long-lasting life.


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