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Hi, I’m Michael. The founder of DartsTarget

If you love playing darts, then definitely you will like this website. I am a professional Dart Player and I have vast knowledge about this game. My friends and many people often asked me about the darts game and its rules. Then an idea sparked in my mind “why should not I make a website on Darts “for helping my friends and many other people to get knowledge about this game and how can they play and enjoy this game. 


My mission is to urge people to gain knowledge about the Darts game. For this, I have added all the knowledge on this website and kept adding more, so that people can utilize and enjoy this game while playing Darts.


Whether you are an experienced darter or just getting started, our articles are designed to be entertaining and useful to you.


I have covered everything related to Darts. So that you can play it easily and enjoy it.


I hope you enjoy our posts and articles as much as we enjoyed writing them for you. If you have any suggestions, kindly let me know. It will be great for us.

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